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Kosga applies cost effective and durable rubber linings pipe using the latest technology and industry standard best practices.We have a variety of materials to choose from:

Semi-Hard Natural Wear resistant rubber lined pipe

A classification of rubber with a face stock in the range of 80 to 95 Shore A durometer. Semi-hard rubbers are normally backed with a soft rubber tie gum. The semi-hard face stock offers strong chemical resistance, while the soft rubber backing provides good adhesion.

Hard Natural (Ebonite)Wear resistant rubber lined pipe

Comprised of rubber compounds with a face stock that has sulfur content exceeding 40 parts and has a Shore A durometer rating of 100 or more.

Chlorobutyl Wear resistant rubber lined pipe

A derivative of butyl rubber containing about 1% chlorine with excellent impermeability to gases and good heat resistance. Hardness is typically in the range of 45 to 65 Shore A durometer.

Neoprene Wear resistant rubber lined pipe

Synthetic rubber produced by the polymerization of chloroprene with good resistance to oils, heat and caustic solutions. Shore A durometer range is between 35 and 80.

Linatex rubber Wear resistant rubber lined pipe

If you need protection from acids, alkalis and corrosion as well as elevated temperatures, ozone or UV exposure, choose Linatex rubber

With the proper rubber pipe lining, a pipe can withstand years of abrasive and corrosive service conditions. Rubber compounds are engineered for chemical resistance to protect your pipe from the effects of acids and oxidizing agents. Kosga carefully considers temperature, chemical composition and concentration of the materials being conveyed to determine the best compound for your rubber pipe.

Main Advantages:
Good wear resistance and long service life
High strength and high impact resistance
Good corrosion resistance
Wide temperature range
Quick connection and easy installatio

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