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Scrubber rubber screening media from kosga are ideal for hard minerals such as diamonds, and for treatment of laterite and other high clay ores. kosga uses computer simulations to determine an optimal height to angle (H2A) to ensure cascading of the material, while keeping breakage in mind. Countersunk bolts from the outside of the shell are used for tyre and roller driven scrubbers. This requires the shell lifters to be drilled and a special bolting arrangement used.         

Washing your crushed mining and aggregate materials must be a high-capacity process with the ability to resist constant wear. kosga custom designs and fabricates high-performance rotary scrubbers and unique scrubber lining systems for washing processes that allow customers to experience dramatic increases in wear life, throughput, and efficiency while remaining extremely cost-effective.

Scrubbers and scrubber lining systems from Kosga are designed through application engineering by analyzing material throughput, material characteristics, wear characteristics, environmental and chemical conditions, velocity, and angles of impact. Our unique designs are specifically engineered for high wear resistance, optimized throughput and efficiency, and minimized cost per processed ton.

For every scrubber and scrubber lining system we’ve built, we have increased the wear life and drastically improved throughput. Many of the lining systems were engineered with our unique spiral design to optimize throughput and our high-efficiency molded, tapered Hi-Pro slot openings which increase efficiency and reduce plugging. Liner components are engineered with field-proven proprietary blends of wear, abrasion, and chemical-resistant rubber compounds that increase wear life and reduce cost per ton compared to alternative lining components.

Main Advantages:
Improved Plant and Equipment Availability
Easy Installation
Reduced Noise
Eliminated Blinding

Improved Screening Efficiency
Easy Maintenance
Eliminated Pegging
Abrasion Resistant

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