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The original synthetic modular screen media material, polyurethane offers maximum flexibility in not only screen opening configurations, but also the integration of performance enhancing features.

The polyurethane screening media is an important core part of screening equipment. When the vibration screen is vibrating, through the different shapes and geometrical sizes and under the action of external forces, the raw material will be separated and achieve the purpose of grading. All kinds of properties of material, different structure and material of polyurethane screening media or tension and various parameters of screening machine have certain influence on screen ability, efficiency, running rate and life. Different materials, different places, should choose different screening panels to achieve better screen effect.

Polyurethane screening media are manufactured from open cast technology, predominantly with a dual-hardness design, for maximum life and performance. Injection-molded TPU for highest possible precision is also available. Injection-molded wear-resistant rubber ensures consistent material performance properties in all rubber modules. Choose between punched or molded apertures. We also offer a wide range of accessories for more effective throughput of fines. 

Main Advantages:
Easy changeover to maximise wear life and provide a more economical solution.
High density precision injection moulded Polyurethane screening module.
Modules available in: flat, inclined, with deflectors or weirs.
Can be staggered on sub frame or supports for better screening.
Support system used is firmly connected to screen frame.
Specifically designed for all mining and quarry industries.
Available as tension screen media to directly replace metal screen media without the need to adapt equipment.

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