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Qingdao kosga industrial co., ltd is a china private holding company

We are a global market leader providing trusted Wear resistant rubber products and technical services which make your mining operations more productive and profitable.

Core Technologies:    
• Wear resistant rubber vulcanization technology    
• precision special shaped wear resistant rubber parts vulcanization technology    
• Precision assembly technology    
• Mill rubber liner special technology    
• CNC Mechanical design and manufacturing technology    

Industrialization Capacity:
• Vulcanization capacity:Every year for the international mining industry to provide 500 sets of mill rubber lining, estimate 5,000 tons of wear resistant rubber
• Production capacity:Provide 2000 pieces of wear-resistant rubber products machining and assembly capabilities

Core Technologies

Industrialization Capacity     Industrialization Capacity     Industrialization Capacity

Industrialization Capacity     Industrialization Capacity     Industrialization Capacity

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