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Kosga industrial's mixing paddles and scrapers are engineered to retrofit OEM equipment. They attach in a similar fashion to metal blades, so change out is easy. They are manufactured from the same Kosga industrial® polyurethane formulas that the ready mix industry has come to trust over the past 40 years.

The Kosga mixer drum liner features Kosga’ unique Kryptane formula and uses more weld plates along the edges to reduce concrete penetration under the liner. Weld plates are securely anchored in the liner, ensuring a secure liner fit.

Our blade liners are made from the same material as the Kosga liner, so they have the same wear properties and use the same Snap-Tite™ plugs.

Kosga guarantees 100% that Evolution will never delaminate.

Wrap-around blade liners prevent concrete migration underneath the liner and eliminate the need for steel flat bar edge protection. Made with the same Kryptane® polyurethane as the Evolution liner. Available for all major mixer 

We realize the importance and cost of thoroughly cleaning the mixer between batches. The responses from our customers show that not only does our system protect better than other liners, it is also easier to clean and reduces noise.

Product Characteristics:
Superior abrasion resistance
Full Drum Liner and Blade & Tip sets are available
Lasting durability
Sound reduction
Reduced concrete buildup
Easier wash downs and clean-up
Strong steel insert embedded

Custom parts
Outstanding wear and cut / tear resistance
Resists sticking and build up problems
Lighter weight than steel liners
Advanced knock-in weld installation
Always a homogeneous material, NO inter-ply delamination, guaranteed
for the life of the liner

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