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KOSGA mill discharge end rubber liner strictly follows quality control procedures at every stage of research, development, design and production to ensure consistent supply quality. Precise dimensions and tight tolerances fully fit each mill discharge end from KOSGA.

To ensure smooth field installation, we pre-assembled the KOSGA mill discharge end rubber liner on the shop floor using a wooden dump end mock up. These quality checks ensure the mounting holes are aligned and avoid any misalignment.                         

In designing and manufacturing the discharge end rubber lining, KOSGA’s primary goal is to solve current problems, improve the customers’ operating experience and optimize the target design, including extending replacement cycle of mill discharge end rubber liner and raising the handling capacity.                 

KOSGA provides the following services to assist in optimizing the design and operation of the ore discharge system

1. Consultation on current operating conditions and goals;

2. Design optimization and continuous improvement;

3. Design analysis, including simulation as needed;

4. Wear detection and report;

5. Provide on-site technical consultation as required;

6. Simulate pulp flow as needed to evaluate flow resistance;

7. Study “fast stop” as needed to check slurry deposition

Gravel mill
Two-stage ball mill (Low load use)
One-stage ball mill
Flour mill
Raw materials mill
Continuous mill

Main Advantages:
Precise matching with mill
Longer and stable service life
Fast and convenient installation
Flexible rubber gate without blockage
Custom designs meet the purpose and operating conditions
According to customer goals, choose light rubber parts or heavy steel parts,or combined use

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