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Rubber flotation rotor and stator is the center accessories of flotation machine, which skeleton is made of high quality steel material and wear layer is made of excellent rubber that is well in wear resistance, anticorrosion and oil resistant , and is compound formed by using high performance adhesive with a special curing process.

The Flotation Machine Has High Efficiency And Long Service Life. Material Mainly Can Choose All Kinds Of Wear resistant rubber. The Main Function Of The Flotation Machine Stator Is To Form Negative Pressure Attraction, Regulate The Number Of Slurry Entering The Rotor, Make The Flotation Machine Easy To Start, Stabilize The Foam Layer And So On.

Better hydrodynamics, together with improved aeration dispersions, result in improved metallurgical performance and recovery. The enhanced performance makes the flotation operation more flexible and gives the operator the opportunity to lower the rotation speed, resulting in a lower operation cost.  

Flotation Machine Wear resistant rubber Rotor And Stator Characteristics:
1. Wear resistant rubber Casting Once Forming, No Splicing, No Cracks.
2. Good Wear Resistance And Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
3. It Has Unique Insulation Function For Acid-Base Corrosion And Chemical Corrosion.
4. Resist Impact And Refuse To Tear.
5. The Density Of Wear resistant rubber Is Very Small, Only 1.25. Installation, Replacement, Transportation And Operation Are Very Convenient Under The Same Conditions.
6. The Dynamic Balance Stability Is Excellent, And The Chattering Phenomenon Of Machine Operation Is Low.

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