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Ceramic rubber lining is designed to be extremely resistant to abrasion even in high material flows and speeds, preventing material build-up. It has proven to be valuable especially in wearing mining and aggregates applications. As a material, ceramic has beneficial anti-corrosion properties that prolong wear life and improve impact resistance. Ceramic lining also reduce noise and vibration.

Ceramic rubber lining are suitable for applications in areas of severe impact and areas of high abrasion. Liners can be supplied to incorporate a variety of ceramic shapes, including balls, cylinders and cubes, all of which have a high alumina silica content that withstands severe impact and high abrasion.

With over 40 years of expert experience designing and producing ceramic rubber lining, Kosga’s ceramic rubber lining are well-known and trusted for their ability to reduce costs, achieve longer service life, improve safety, reduce maintenance and maximize availability. Liner packages are custom-designed by Kosga to completely suit the customer’s requirements and specifications. Ceramic rubber lining can incorporate a variety of proprietary ceramic and rubber formulations suitable to the specific requirements of the application. 

1.Modular Bolt-In Sections

2.Not Limited to Standard Sizes and Thicknesses

3.Highly Customizable

4.Fast Installation & Replacement

5.Cost Effective

6.Impact Absorbing

7.Abrasion Resistant

8.Lighter Compared to Steel

9.Noise Reduction

Chute lining
Conveyor lining
Cyclone cluster lining
Hopper lining
Pipe lining

Pulley lining
Spout lining
Transfer point lining
To prevent material build-up in wet applications
Any other application subject to wear

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