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Wearable、Safety、Convenient、long life、Improve operational efficiency.

1.40 years of mill rubber liner manufacturing experience and application experience. We have advanced detection equipment and sophisticated manufacturing equipment. Kosga's ball mill rubber liner meet the demands of a lot of the world's leading mining processing plants and distributors. High quality mill rubber lining guarantee.

2.We have unique technical expertise and advanced manufacturing processes in China. Our R&D department can design custom linings for your ball mills based on OEM and ODM requirements to provide the best grinding solutions.

3.We are manufacturer. You are getting manufacturer price.The shipment direct ship to your location. There is no warehousing fee, no second transportation fee, no extra labour cost, etc......

4.We have experienced technical and management team to ensure that all wear- resistant rubber liner through rigorous testing——Source controlled, 100% traceable.

High quality service wins customers trust

Reputation for Wear resistant rubber products Services Built on Quality

Kosga Industrial has spent four decades building a reputation as one of the highest-quality wear resistant rubber products manufacture services in the china. Our motto states: “High wear resistance is our only product” and we take it seriously. Customers always know the status of their parts and that the parts will meet their specifications.

        Process valuation             hrough the simulation and research of the material movement trajectory, the movement law of the material in the equipment is determined, thereby improving the grinding quality of the material, the life of the liner and the production capacity.

  Design optimization      We perform power calculations and simulations to optimize the power draw for maximum throughput. These calculations are regularly performed for different applications.

  Customized production       According to customer goals, choose light rubber parts or heavy steel parts, or a combination of the two. We can specially design wear-resistant rubber spare parts according to your operating conditions. 40 years of experience in manufacturing wear-resistant rubber spare parts will provide you with Any product.

  Operation training      Kosga offers product and product application training for its employees and for its clients. This training can be tailored to suit client’s requirements based on the level of trainees. A typical product-specific training may include: basic principles and theory, fault-finding as well as installation and maintenance.

  After-sales support       After sales support is the primary aspect of Kosga’s market strategy since the goal of the kosga is the proper and effective use of the products and services provided. We aim at a continued relationship with all our customers throughout the life cycle of the product or service selected. Our statement is “service life of the product is less than 50% of the estimated time. You will get our indemnity and brand new product”,we manage to ensure full client satisfaction as well as the maintenance of our high level of sales.

  Express Logistics      We maintain business dealings and contract freight agreements with more than a dozen international shipping companies,We are committed to providing customers with efficient, cost-saving and logistics services, thus becoming their first choice for cooperation,Diversified shipowner selection and flexible schedule will bring you more convenience.

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