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Mill rubber liners is usually suitable for wet grinding, the temperature is not higher than 80 degrees of normal work, but for high-temperature dry grinding, strong acid and Alkali resistance, oil resistance and other special environment, need to be explained in advance by separate design formula and custom made, in addition, the storage process must be placed in indoor proper custody, it intends the rubber liners to prevent outdoor exposure under the high temperature and rain.

According to the purpose, the mill rubber liners is divided used in: AG, SAG, ball, pebble, rod & batch mills, FGD, SMD and continuous mills.

According to the shape, it is divided into overflow type, grid type and multi-bin type, which can meet the requirements of one-stage rough grinding and two-stage fine grinding.

We can customize all kinds of high-quality and high wear-resistant rubber liners according to the needs of each customer.

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