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We own first class professional technician, modern production and test facilitie.

Kosga wear resistant rubbers are the basis of prolonging the service life within the whole lining system. In the process of development, sustainable whole-process qualit y control and advanced polymer technology have been used in batch experiments to ensure the optimal compound ratio. Every product embodies the joint efforts and demonstrates KOSGA’s diligence. Prominent production facilities are applied to create leading rubber mill liners in the globe.

    Quality control           Quality control

Quality Control
   The ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015; these new standards were officially promulgated in 2015. The new standards are concerned with management of the leadership of the organizations, product life cycle and process control. It further emphasizes the organization’s risk management capabilities to improve the organization’s risk awareness.
In order to better adapt to the demands of the times, meet customer requirements and increase the company’s overall competitiveness, management decided to implement the new ISO certification as soon as possible. Since 2016, the ISO Board has revised the new version of the manual several times, submitted it to a third-party certification body in 2018 and finally received certification.
October 2017 The 2015 edition of the Quality and Environmental Management Manual was released and implemented on a trial basis across the company.
February 2018 The secondary program file was released based on the revised version of the management manual.
March 2018 Management review
April 2018 According to the new version of the management manual, the three departments, the Management Department, the Technical Department and the Manufacturing Department conducted internal audits.
June 2018 In accordance with the requirements of the new ISO system, the Beijing World Standard Certification Center was commissioned to conduct an external audit of the company-wide production process.
July 2018 The Beijing World Standard Certification Center released a certificate stating that Qingdao kosga had passed the new certification standard review.

Quality control

Quality Policy

The company strives to implement the following practices in order to provide customers with superior products throughout the entire manufacturing process from order to production, delivery and service.

We always respond to customers with sincerity.

Implement quality assurance systems throughout the company.

To satisfy our customers we have been applying the world’s most advanced to promote quality and productivity to seek continuous improvement.

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