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Kosga’s R & D of wear-resistant rubber plays an important role in the continuous improvement of existing technology to maintain market demand, excellent quality and performance standards.

The core field of wear-resistant rubber research and development is the optimization of manufacturing materials and production process. Kosga has made great progress in manufacturing with the best materials, such as developing various rubber products with AG, SAG, FGD, ball mill rubber liner and other wear-resistant standards by using natural rubber.

Kosga’s R & D program reduces customer equipment maintenance and replacement processes by providing high-quality wear-resistant rubber products. Starting from the interests of customers, developing high-quality wear-resistant rubber spare parts, kosga core product ball mill rubber liner can predict the life cycle, so as to more accurately predict the maintenance interval, planned downtime, etc.

Kosga has established long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic mining companies. Using kosga’s new products, we have tested various mill equipment on site to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of its products in specific applications.

As the market leader of wear-resistant rubber industry, kosga has obtained 4 invention patents and 10 utility model patents, and commercialized its technical achievements to promote the development of the whole industry and related material science.

Qualification certification

Qualification certification  Qualification certification  Qualification certification

Patent technology

Patent technology  Patent technology  Patent technology

Utility model patent

Utility model patent  Utility model patent  Utility model patent

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