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  • Wear Rubber Lining Brands, China ceramics wear rubber lining, alumina ceramic lining Factory
Wear Rubber Lining
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Kosga's focus on wear liner solutions for chutes, hoppers, deflectors and processing equipment provides the challenge of selecting the most effective solution for each individual application. Balancing the criteria of downtime, wear protection, cost and ease of fitting may see multiple types of wear liners within one system.

Kosga rubber wear liners protect installations exposed to wear or corrosive environments in mining and chemical industries. Our wear liners offer exceptional wear and corrosion resistance in harsh conditions

Wear Rubber Lining Brands, China ceramics wear rubber lining, alumina ceramic lining Factory


Rubber as a lining material has proved to be very useful in material handling applications due to its inherent dampening properties. The dampening effect of a rubber liner depends on the angle of impact. Kosga wear resistant rubber liners are manufactured from special rubber compound by high pressure molding which imparts abrasion, impact and corrosion resistant properties to these liners. The wear pattern of these elements can be predicted fairly accurately which enables proper maintenance planning and hence reduces the overall costs. we can also bend, roll or shape the liners to suit each individual application.


Enhanced elasticity & dampening property absorbs impact loads providing cushioning effect

High resilience reduces vibrations and by dampening the impact forces.

Fire resistance (FRAS) from red hot Bulk Materials conforming protection to the structure

Low hardness compared to steel, reduces mineral degradation & tonnage loss in sized mineral handling

Increase equipment life and reduce degradation of materials

Prevents damage to mother plate

Safe operation & prevents conveyor damage

Lower inventories can be maintained due to predictable wear pattern

Application :

Selection of the variants is determined on the duty condition and installation suitability. These liners find application in chutes, bunkers, hoppers in areas where impact and abrasion wear resistance is required.

Wear Rubber Lining Brands

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