Wear Parts for Mud Pumps

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Wear Parts for Mud Pumps
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Our Cover plate rubber liner is made from high quality rubber and polymer materials, and it has excellent tensile strength and flexibility.Kosga's Wear Parts for Mud Pumps can satisfy higher wear and tear resistance requirement

Kosga has long and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Wear Parts for Mud Pumps. Our cover plate liner and rubber impeller insists on innovation and quality

Cover plate liner Features:

Kosga Slurry Pump Rubber Cover plate liner is the main wear parts for the rubber lined slurry pump. It forms a pump chamber with frame plate liner and throat bush to contact with slurries, As one of main wetted parts, Cover plate liner is very easily worn-out components because it works under longtime impact of abrasive and corrosive slurries in the high speed conditions, So the materials is very crucial to lifetime of complete pump, kosga provides a complete rubber and metal materials selection for most all duties in mill.

Rubber impeller Features:

Slurry pump wet parts mainly include Impeller and volute liner, throatbush, back liner, liner insert... We can offer the highest quality pumps and pump parts. The impeller is the main rotating part, with reasonably designed blades to apply centrifugal force to the liquid. Dedicated impeller wear-resistant rubber can provide better reliability and sustainability

Wear Parts for Mud Pumps

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