SAG Mill Rubber Pulp Lifter

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SAG Mill Rubber Pulp Lifter
  • 30-60 days
  • Rubber lining for mill with diameter of 5-28 feet

Kosga designs and manufactures pulp lifter packages for AG, SAG, ball mills and scrubbers. Components are normally moulded but may also be hand-built for complicated profiles required for the "turbo lifter" style design.

The pulp discharge system design and compound development is undertaken to target enhanced availability of the mill (reducing down time losses) with increased efficiency in grinding, and reduction in energy consumption.


Discharge - Save weight and predict wear life Discharge systems, including pulp lifters and discharge cones are arguably the most difficult and time-consuming assemblies of any grate discharge mill to replace.


Light-weight components crafted from steel-reinforced rubber are easily installed, and provide long service life. By reducing system mass, it is often possible to increase mill charge volume without risk of mill structural overload.SAG Mill Rubber Pulp Lifter

Ball mill rubber lining

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