Cheap Discount SAG ball mill discharge end liner bolts Brands

  • Cheap SAG mill discharge end liner, ball mill liner Brands, Discount mill liner bolts
SAG mill discharge end liner
  • 30-60 days
  • Rubber lining for mill with diameter of 5-28 feet

In the wear resistant metal and wear resistant rubber together in the mill lining solution, extensive knowledge of materials and processes is essential to reach optimal grinding and lining performance. We know this product inside-out; we invented it.

The Kosga Rubber factory apply strict quality assurance programs in every phase of research, development, design and production.This ensures high, uniform quality for the entire supply. High quality standards also involve precise dimensions and close tolerances,so that every mill rubber lining from Kosga has a perfect fit.

Cheap SAG mill discharge end liner, ball mill liner Brands, Discount mill liner bolts


Metallic mill linings Iron and steel are traditional mill lining materials, and Kosga has produced metallic rubber mill linings for more than three decades. Main benefits Long experience with alloy and design、selection for any mill application、More than 40 years experience with the manufacture of metallic rubber mill linings


Kosga metallic mill linings are produced at our own Rubber factory. Our Cr-Mo steel and high-chromium white irons are specifically developed for mill rubber lining applications and are carefully selected based on the operating conditions of each mill. Liners are designed for maximum performance and minimized replacement time.

Cheap SAG mill discharge end liner

 ball mill liner Brands

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