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  • Buy Modular Rubber Screens Wholesalers, Cheap wear resistant rubber screen
Modular Rubber Screens
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The Modular Rubber Screens is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, water conservancy, road construction and other industries on the sieving machine, it is the replacement of steel plate punching mesh, steel wire mesh grid, stainless steel sieve plate and rubber screen.

Molded rubber modular screens offer better wear resistance and ease of replacement versus conventional screening methods. The screens are manufactured with tapered openings, allowing a relieving effect as opposed to punched rubber or steel screens.

Buy Modular Rubber Screens Wholesalers, Cheap wear resistant rubber screen


The square apertures rubber screen is used for medium stone and fine stone’s screening. It has the characters of high shock resistance, good wear resistance, low noise and low dust. The screening precision of the square apertures rubber screen is very high, because the sieve pores are made by dedicated mould processing, so the size is accurate and this is the woven screen surface won’t have in reality. We are able to provide custom this kind of rubber screen conforming customer’s special requirements.


1. The vertically and horizontally bars of screen are made from rubber, and the service life is 3-10 times than traditional mental screen.
2. Our rubber screen has special structure and appropriate elastic force, not only can make the strangled material pass through sieve pores or escape sieve pores to become the production of minus sieve or plus sieve, but also can make the fine grained materials not to be stuck through secondary high-frequency vibration. So this kind of rubber mesh decreased the plugging holes, cleaned the surfaces of production and improved the screening efficiency.
3. The two sides of this kind of square apertures rubber screen are equipped with elastic tensioning hook; it has the characters of light weight, good flexibility, convenient installment and teardown (can partial replacement which makes the change work become easier and at the same time reduce the workload. ) and easy to transport and keep.
4. This kind of rubber screen can effectively absorb the impact force, reduce noise and improve the working environment. 
5. Because the rubber screen has high wear resistance, so its service life is 3-10 times than stainless steel sieve plate.
6. The screening efficiency of this rubber screen is very high, because its own good relaxation performance can effectively avoid the phenomenon of plugging hole under the current intelligence and prevent the wet small materials’ adhesion.
7. Our square apertures rubber screen has light weight, thus reduce the weight load, so it can reduces the unit consumption of production and electric power and prolong the service life of screen machine.

Buy Modular Rubber Screens Wholesalers

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