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  • Supply wear resistant liners, China Flotation Wear Parts Purchasing
Flotation Wear Parts
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The most easily worn part of flotation machine is the stator rotor, which needs to be replaced frequently in the production practice of concentrator. The stator rotor of flotation machine produced by Kosga greatly prolongs its replacement period.

The stator rotor of flotation machine plays an important role. Stator and rotor must have high wear resistance and reliability when they work in harsh environment for a long time.

Supply wear resistant liners, China Flotation Wear Parts Purchasing


A flotation machine is mineral processing equipment used for grading black metal and non-metal such as coal, fluorite, talc as well as gold, silver, copper, iron, tungsten, lead, zinc, tin, molybdenum, nickel, tantalum, niobium, manganese ore, coal and other nonferrous metal.
Stators and rotors are the key components of flotation machine, which are mainly applied in beneficiation of metals or non-metals.
Flotator rotors are an important component for flotation machine which can produce centrifugal force to achieve good foaming effect and full flotation. They mainly consist of metal framework and wear resisting rubber.
Flotation machine stators are necessary equipment for mining and metallurgy industries. Anti-corrosive flotator stators are mainly composed of metal framework and wear resisting rubber. 
The company provides various series of the products, including : series A, series SF, series BF, series KYF, series XCF, series JJF, series BSK and so on.


1. Flotation machine rotors boast high equilibrium precision, smooth running, good dispersion performance and light weight.
2. Such rotors are of simple structure, resistance to corrosion and resistance to wear.
3. Flotator rotors are easy to replace and maintain.
4. Flotation machine stators are characterized by stable performance, wear resistance, smooth running and high equilibrium precision.
5. Anti-corrosive flotator stators are light, bringing lots of convenience to installation and maintenance.
6. They have simple structure and reasonable streamline. 
7. Flotation machine rotors and stators enjoy long service life.
8. They have wide range of performances and high efficiency.
9. With adopting rubber material, rotors and flotator stators can absorb noise and vibration. The rubber is light and chemically stable, more resistant to acid and alkali than high-chromium alloy.
10. The designing and manufacturing of flotation machine rotors and stators involve lots of advanced technologies and high efficient raw materials. 
11. The products have good resistance, good resistance to wear, good resistance to impact, good resistance to ripping and have good chemical stability.

Supply wear resistant liners

Rubber Stator Rotor of Flotation Machine

Polyurethane Stator Rotor of Flotation Machine

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