High quality FGD grinding mill rubber liners Factory Brands

  • FGD mill rubber liners Factory, High quality mill liners, grinding mill liners Brands
FGD mill rubber liners
  • 30-60 days
  • Rubber lining for mill with diameter of 5-28 feet

Rubber Mill Liners are extensively used in FGD mills at Power Plants all over the world,We can customize all kinds of high-quality and high wear-resistant rubber liners according to the needs of each customer

Kosga can help reduce the operating costs associated with wet FGD systems which utilize ball mills for limestone grinding. Kosga rubber ball mill liners for FGD provide long, low maintenance, and increased service life.

FGD mill rubber liners Factory, High quality mill rubber liners, grinding mill rubber liners Brands


The replacement chemical reaction of manganese steel with acid, alkali and salt accelerates the wear of liner. The rubber lining of FGD ball mill developed by Kosga has special technological formula, corrosion resistance and prolonged the service life of the lining. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and noise reduction.


Compared with metal lining, Kosga mill rubber lining has lightweight rubber lining and no special tools are needed for installation, which reduces downtime and improves the operation efficiency of enterprises.

FGD mill rubber liners Factory

 High quality mill liners

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