Cheap Supply Ball mill rubber lifter bars liners material Brands

  • Cheap Ball mill rubber lifter bars, Supply ball mill liners material Brands
Ball mill rubber lifter bars
  • 30-60 days
  • Rubber lining for mill with diameter of 5-28 feet

Kosga has a wide range of rubber lifter bars and plates for ball mills, rod mills and drum scrubbers. Our Rubber – steel faced composite lifter bar is available for especially aggressive wear applications.

Kosga's steel-rubber composite linings are designed with select special steel composition to suit each milling application.

Cheap Ball mill rubber lifter bars, Supply ball mill liners material Brands


The shapes of lifter bar are the important factor to make steel balls impact and stir mineral aggregate in the given rotary speed and quantitative output and avoid making great shock wave to liners inside ball mill.

Liner plate is one of the most important parts of ball mill, so far most of the liner plate has lifter bar to improve the lifting force of the medium to so as to achieve the best promotion effect. A recent survey shows that the more the lifter bar there is, the better quality is when the medium is raised by lifter bar. And the degree of grinding of ball mill is better at the same time. 

Kosga lifter bars will utilize ball mill current bolt hole spacing. This eliminates the need to drill new attachment holes. All components are molded to meet any specific mill and operating conditions. We are able to provide custom ball mill lifter bar conforming upon customers’ requirements.


Kosga liners can be manufactured to a light duty or heavy duty modular design to keep in line with the lifting mechanism and safety regulations as required on site.

Cheap Ball mill rubber lifter bars

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