alumina ceramic lining

  • Wear Rubber Lining

    Wear Rubber Lining

    Kosga's focus on wear liner solutions for chutes, hoppers, deflectors and processing equipment provides the challenge of selecting the most effective solution for each individual application. Balancing the criteria of downtime, wear protection, cost and ease of fitting may see multiple types of wear liners within one system. Kosga rubber wear liners protect installations exposed to wear or corrosive environments in mining and chemical industries. Our wear liners offer exceptional wear and corrosion resistance in harsh conditions

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  • Rubber Backed Ceramic Liners

    Rubber Backed Ceramic Liners

    Rubber Backed Ceramic Liners is AL203 as the main material, with rare metal oxide as solvent, after more than 1700℃ high temperature roasting to special ceramic, embedded into rubber , polyurethane or mild steel for the purpose of low to moderate impact and highly abrasive sliding application. Rubber Backed Ceramic Liners are perfect combination of hardness and flexibility. Kosga Rubber Backed Ceramic Liners are vulcanized into the rubber backing with appr.45 Shore A hardness, offering high impact and noise reduction beside of excellent abrasion resistance.

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  • Polyurethane Wear Lining

    Polyurethane Wear Lining

    Kosga provides solutions to every wear problem and prevents costly downtime. These polyurethane linings are manufactured based on patented chemical formulations, giving Kosga Polyurethane liner unparalleled elasticity and wear resistance. Kosga Urethane Wear Resistant Liners are designed to provide producers with long-lasting protection that resists impact, abrasion, and build-up of concrete, while also offering ease of installation and reduction of costly maintenance and downtime. Liners include rotary distributor (turn head), aggregate and sand bins, weigh batcher, drum, blade, dump cone, loading hopper, transfer chute, and more.

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