Rubber Lining for Ball Mill

  • Rod mill rubber liners

    Rod mill rubber liners

    The grinding performance of ball mill liner is obviously different from that of rod mill liner. The impact force of bar mill is higher than that of ball mill. In order to Cost-saving/reduce cost, bar mill is more suitable for wear-resistant rubber lining. 

    Our rod mill wear-resistant rubber lining has excellent strength, elasticity and resistance. High quality rubber is produced by patented process, which can provide excellent protection for your rod mill equipment.

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  • FGD mill rubber liners

    FGD mill rubber liners

    Rubber Mill Liners are extensively used in FGD mills at Power Plants all over the world,We can customize all kinds of high-quality and high wear-resistant rubber liners according to the needs of each customer

    Kosga can help reduce the operating costs associated with wet FGD systems which utilize ball mills for limestone grinding. Kosga rubber ball mill liners for FGD provide long, low maintenance, and increased service life.

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  • Ball mill rubber liner

    Ball mill rubber liner

    The Rubber liner of ball mill is gradually replacing the manganese steel liner. Because the Rubber liner bears strong impact resistance, it plays a higher role in ball mill. Our Rubber liner for ball mill can be customized according to your OEM and ODM

    ball mill liner is widely used in modern abrasive materials. Kosga's Rubber liner for ball mill uses natural rubber material, which has the advantages of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, light weight, long service life, convenient installation and replacement, energy saving and noise reduction.

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  • Ball mill Central Cones

    Ball mill Central Cones

    Under harsh grinding conditions, different rubber liners for ball mills should be used. Kosga's composite lining for ball mills binds high-strength wear-resistant steel to rubber to resist worse grinding conditions.

    Different linings of ball mills should be used in bad grinding conditions. Kosga's Composite lining for ball mill bonds high strength wear-resistant steel to rubber to resist worse grinding conditions.This type of liners extends the service life of liners and improves the mill grinding efficiency, winning clients' positive comments.

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  • Ball mill rubber pulp lifter

    Ball mill rubber pulp lifter

    Kosga specializes in design and manufacture of both Radial and Ball mill rubber pulp lifter.All pulp discharge linings and systems are bespoke designs based on operational parameters including type of ore, output required, time between overhauls and customer feedback.

    Kosga ball mill liners are customised to your application using state-of-the-art software-driven designs. This means that your Ball mill rubber pulp lifter solution precisely fits into your application!

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  • Ball mill rubber filler

    Ball mill rubber filler

    Ball mill rubber lining. our organisation is instrumental in providing clients with an optimum quality range of rubber lining for ball mills.the products offered in this range are manufactured using certified grades of rubber and latest technology.

    rubber mill liners with superior designs that last longer. the yield of your grinding circuit is highly dependent on your mill's liner. select your mill liner partner carefully to make sure your mill is running at maximum capacity and availability.

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  • Ball mill rubber lifter bars

    Ball mill rubber lifter bars

    Kosga has a wide range of rubber lifter bars and plates for ball mills, rod mills and drum scrubbers. Our Rubber – steel faced composite lifter bar is available for especially aggressive wear applications.

    Kosga's steel-rubber composite linings are designed with select special steel composition to suit each milling application.

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  • Ball mill rubber Grates

    Ball mill rubber Grates

    Kosga proposed a new Ball mill rubber Grates structure, and used SolidWorks software to establish a three-dimensional model for structural optimization, and proposed new material and process requirements for Ball mill rubber Grates, which solved the problems of common Ball mill rubber Grates, such as easy falling and short service life.

    In order to better play the role of Ball mill rubber Grates and improve the grinding ability of Ball mill rubber Grates, Kosga engineers reasonably arranged grilles and optimized the size of drainage holes of Ball mill rubber Grates. It ensures that the ball mill runs firmly and does not fall off.

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  • Ball mill feed end rubber lining

    Ball mill feed end rubber lining

    Stucture and characteristics According to discharge method, ball mill can be divided into grill style and overflow style. Wear resistant rubber material, which is specially vulcanized and molded is used to produce mill rubber liner.

    The mill rubber lining has higher anti fatigue abrasion and anti grinding wear performance than metal lining. The rubber lining is universally applied to feed and discharge ends of primary ball mill, feed and discharge ends of regrinding mill and discharge end of cylinder autogenous mills.

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