Reduction of Noise and Economic Benefit of Ball Mill by Using Rubber Lining Plate


Authors:Kosga engineering technology Warren Han

In order to reduce the noise intensity of ball mill, protect the health of workers and the surrounding population, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost, Shandong Zhaojin Mine Concentrator has reformed the inner liner of two ball mill barrels successively. Rubber liner is used instead of manganese steel liner. After repeated tests, grinding related technical parameters are obtained. All of them have met the requirements and have been put into production formally. According to the regular monitoring data and the related data provided by the concentrator, the noise intensity and economic benefit of KOSGA before and after the renovation are analyzed as follows:

Materials and methods

Noise measuring instruments and methods: ND2 precision sound level meter and octave filter made in China are used for testing, and the sound level meter is calibrated by provincial sound level meter metering and verification station; as there is no sound insulation room in the workshop of ball mill, the monitoring points are arranged according to the position of ball mill and the movement of workers to observe the operation of machinery, 2 m from the sound source, and in the East and west of the workshop, respectively. There is a monitoring point in the middle of two ball mills and a monitoring point in the left and right. The measuring method is carried out in accordance with the "Industrial Enterprise Noise Detection Code". Because the noise of the workshop is continuous steady-state noise, A sound level is used as the evaluation basis.

Noise control method: Rubber liner is produced by KOSGA according to the tube structure of ball mill and original manganese steel liner specifications (1.4mx0.74m x 0.07m). The manganese steel liner in the body of the ball mill is taken out first, and then the rubber liner is installed in the body of the ball mill in turn (front and back). Each ball mill is installed with 48 pieces. First, the mill rubber lifter bars is pressed, and then the rubber liner is fixed on the body of the ball mill with screw, so as to prevent the rubber liner from falling off when rotating.


Noise monitoring: The noise intensity of the original manganese steel liner ball mill workshop is 94 ~ 103dB (A), while the noise intensity of the ball mill workshop after rubber liner is 87 ~ 92 dB (A), the noise reduction difference is 7 ~ 11 dB (A), and the noise reduction effect of rubber liner is better.

Lining loss: 2 sets of ball mills with 28.12 tons of manganese steel lining annually and 12 months of service life; according to the current price calculation, the price of two sets of manganese steel lining plate is 164,000 yuan; the weight of rubber lining plate is 2.0 tons, the price is 198,000 yuan, and the service life is 24 months; from the price point of view, the price of rubber lining plate is 34,000 yuan higher than that of manganese steel lining plate, while rubber lining The service life of the board is 12 months long; in contrast, using rubber liner can save material cost by 130,000 yuan per year.

Energy saving: Rubber liner saves 2 degrees per ton of ore, 180,000 degrees per year, 0.5 yuan per production, and 90,000 yuan per year.

Ball wear: Manganese steel liner wears 8.0 tons of steel balls annually at a discount of 28,000 yuan, while rubber village plate wears 20 tons of steel balls annually at a price of 70,00 yuan.

The monitoring results show that the noise reduction effect of rubber liner is better, which not only improves the working conditions of production workers and the living environment of residents, protects the health of workers and the surrounding population, but also produces economic benefits. It can save production costs by 241,000 yuan annually for enterprises, and has strong wear resistance, saves electricity and reduces labor intensity. It is a good measure for comprehensive noise control of ball mill.

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