Lining glue for ball mill of Jiangxi Copper Industry Co., Ltd.


Authors:Kosga engineering technology Alan Sun

1 Grinding Equipment and Manganese Steel Lining

Jiangxi Copper Company of China is a large-scale mining, beneficiation and metallurgical joint enterprise with 69 ball mills. Specification type and lining plate consumption, annual consumption and replacement cycle of ball mill.

Indicators of Ball Mill Used by Jiangxi Copper Company

Specification of ball millthe amount possessedMonthly usage of linerAnnual Lining Consumption(T)Manganese steel liner replacement cycle (month)

As the main production equipment of the mine of Jiangxi Copper Company, the original value of the ball mill is about 18 million yuan, accounting for 9.8% of the total assets of the company's mining equipment. The annual consumption of the lining plate of the ball mill is 3844t, about 28 million yuan, accounting for 1/10 of the total spare parts consumption of the company. Therefore, prolonging the service life of the lining plate of ball mill and reducing the consumption of spare parts are of great significance for reducing the production cost and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

At present, high manganese steel liner is widely used in ball mill of Jiangxi Copper Company, but it is not an ideal wear-resistant material due to poor wear resistance, short life, inconvenient installation, high noise, high energy consumption and long downtime of replacing liner.Every mining company is trying to replace the traditional high manganese steel liner with new wear-resistant materials. The alloy wear-resistant liner produced by Shanxi 5419 Company was tested on a 5.5 m x 8.5 m ball mill in Dexing Copper Mine. The service life of the liner was increased from 10 months to 15 months, 50% higher than that of the high manganese steel liner, and some results were achieved. However, the service life of the liner at the inlet and outlet ends was still 6-8 months.The replacement cycle of liner is not synchronous, and the problem of affecting mill operation efficiency has not been solved.

2. The Use Effect of Rubber Lining

Dexing Copper Mine is a large porphyry copper mine, in which Dashan Concentrator is one of the largest concentrators in Asia. The main grinding equipment is eight 5.5 m x 8.5 m overflow ball mills with a design capacity of 60,000 t/d (grinding machine feed size P80-7.0 mm). The four units put into operation in the earlier period have been running steadily for 5 years, and have the advantages of large production capacity, stable grinding performance and less daily maintenance. However, the life of liner and cylinder plates at the inlet and outlet ends differs greatly.The shutdown loss caused by replacing the lining plate has a great influence on the mill operation rate.

At the beginning of 2004, the rubber liner of Kosga Industrial Company was tested at the inlet and outlet of No. 4 mill in Dashan Concentrator. After two years of use, the effect is very good, and the life difference of the whole liner is solved from the fundamental problem.

Use of Steel Lining

The mill is made of alloy steel liner, with a total of 288 liners and a total weight of about 150 tons. The lining plate is replaced mechanically. The service life of mill barrel and feed-in and feed-out end liner is different, and the difference is great.

Service life of liner

Name of liner
mill feed end rubber linermill discharge end linermill shell rubber liner 
Grinding capacity (10,000 t)120170290
Use time (month)6

In the process of using the liner, the end liner should be replaced three times, so the machine can not be used. A total of 40-50 hours of shutdown is required. Therefore, the ore processing capacity is reduced by 13500 tons and the output value is reduced by about 800,000 yuan. The factory has improved the structure of the badly worn liner at the end, increased the weight of the liner and increased the labor intensity of the workers, but it still can not solve the problem of asynchronous replacement of the liner.

3. Use and Benefit Comparison of Rubber Lining

The use of rubber liner in recent two years shows that it has unique advantages. The use of rubber liner and cylindrical alloy liner at the inlet and outlet ends solves the problem of asynchronism of liner life, reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the efficiency of mill operation.

Light weight, convenient installation and outstanding energy saving effect

The smallest lining plate of 5.5m * 8.5m mill also has 320kg, generally 450-600kg. Especially the replacement of the inlet and outlet end can not use machinery, and the labor intensity of the workers is high. Rubber lining is light in weight (the heaviest is about 70 kg), easy to install, and is welcomed by maintenance workers.After using rubber liner at the end of kosga testing mill, the weight of each mill is reduced by 20t, and the annual electricity cost can be saved by more than 150,000 yuan.

Durable and even wear

In February 2004, the first set of rubber liner was installed. By comparison, the service life of rubber liner used at the end of mill is 2-3 times as long as that of alloy steel liner. Its wear resistance is self-evident. During the wear process, all the worn surfaces are smooth and uniform, and the use effect is remarkable.

At present, the 5.5 m x 8.5 m mill in Dashan Concentrator of Jiangxi Copper Mine has ordered a complete set of Kosga rubber liner for use.

The Sizhou Concentrator of Jiangxi Copper Mine has used a set of Kosga rubber lining board on the 2.1 m x 3.0 m secondary mill of No. 3 mill. By comparison, it is found that the effect and benefit are much better than those of manganese steel lining board, and the pulp leakage problem of mill for many years has been solved. At present, rubber liner is being used in 3.2 m x 4.5 m primary mill.) The replacement period of high manganese steel liner of 7.5 m x 2.8 m AG mill is 8 months at the outlet, 6 months at the feeding end and 12 months at the cylinder. In 2004, the rubber liner was used to replace the manganese steel liner at the inlet and outlet ends of the mill, which has not been replaced for two years.

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