Application of Rubber Lining Plate of Ball Mill in Ashele Copper Mine


Authors:Kosga engineering technology Paddy Zhao

Application of Rubber Lining in Ashele Copper Mine Mill

High manganese steel is a kind of wear-resistant steel, which is mainly used to manufacture parts which are subjected to severe wear and impact during operation. The content of carbon, manganese and impurities in high manganese steel is strictly controlled. The experiment shows that only when the content of carbon is 0.9%~1.3% and the content of manganese is 11.0%~14.0%, the austenitic manganese steel has excellent properties. The high manganese steel parts must be treated with water toughness after casting. When the parts of high manganese steel are deformed by violent impact and strong external force in use, due to work hardening and martensite transformation, they have extremely high wear resistance.

Problems Existing in the Application of Manganese Steel Lining

(1) The service life is relatively short. The normal service life of high manganese steel liner is about 4 000-8 000 h, and the average service life of Ashele manganese steel liner is 11 months.

(2) High operating cost. Although the price of each set of manganese steel liner is lower, because of its short life, the time consumption is high. Moreover, the thick manganese steel liner reduces the effective volume of the mill, and because of the frequent need to tighten the bolts, the effective grinding time is affected, resulting in the low operation rate of the mill.

(3) Difficult installation and handling. In general, the lining weight of each ball mill is about 30 t, and each high-strength steel lining weight is about 200 kg, which brings great difficulties to installation and handling. It is inconvenient to carry manually in the cylinder, which increases the labor intensity of the maintenance personnel, prolongs the maintenance time, affects the operation rate of the mill, and has a small safety factor.

(4) Noise of operation is high. The hard collision between high manganese steel lining plate and steel ball produces great noise, which greatly affects the physical and mental health of operators. The leakage of fixed bolts pollutes the equipment body and surrounding environment, and increases the labor intensity of workers.

Advantages of rubber liner

(1) Rubber liner has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. In wet grinding, the main wear forms of metal liner are fatigue wear, impact wear and corrosion, especially corrosion wear. Rubber liner has good corrosion resistance and good wear resistance in wet grinding. Its service life is 1.5-4 times that of manganese steel liner.

_Using rubber lining board can save energy and reduce consumption. Rubber liner weight is only about 1/5 of manganese steel liner, which can reduce the mill's self-weight, start-up and operation load, current and power consumption. Generally, it can save 10% of electricity.

15%, some even as high as 30%.

(3) Rubber liner is light in weight and easy to install and replace, which can improve the mill operation rate. The total weight of a set of high manganese steel lining plate of 2700 x 4000 mm ball mill is 30 t, while the total weight of a set of rubber lining plate is only about 6 t, which is only about 1/5 of that of manganese steel lining plate. Manganese steel lining plate weighs 80-200 Kg each. It needs mechanical help. It has a great labor intensity. When installing fastening bolts, it often breaks the wire rope, which is more dangerous in safety. The rubber liner is usually only 15-20 kg per piece. It does not need to use machinery to fold. The safety factor is high, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and shortens the installation time. Rubber liner bolts never leak after tightening, which is good for equipment maintenance and production environment.

(4) Rubber liner can reduce environmental noise, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of field personnel. Using metal liner, the noise of ball mill can reach 110 dB, which seriously damages the physical and mental health of workers. Because rubber has good shock absorption, damping performance and sound insulation effect, the noise of rubber liner mill can be reduced by 8-12 dB, especially the high-frequency noise, which is harmful to hearing. It greatly improves the working environment and is beneficial to the physical and mental health of field personnel.

Application of Rubber Lining in Ashele

Comparison of grinding indexes before and after using rubber liner

The data are from the production data of 2010.08-2011.06. The data using manganese steel liner is the average of 2010.08-2010.12, and the data using rubber liner is the average of 2011.02-2011.06.

NameProcessing capacity(t/h)Mill feeding -0.0374mm(%)Mill discharging -0.0374(%)Classifier overflow -0.0374(%)Sand settling by classifier -0.0374(%)Classification efficiency
Manganese steel liner16091.8292.32
Rubber liner16091.69

Although the classification efficiency is low after using rubber liner, the overflow fineness index is obviously improved, and the results of water analysis show that -10μ particle size is obviously reduced, the phenomenon of overwear is reduced, which is beneficial to improving flotation index.

Comparison of Economic Indicators before and after Rubber Lining

it can be seen that each set of rubber lining board is 230,000 yuan, and the estimated service time is 3 years; each set of manganese steel lining board is 280,000 yuan, and three sets are needed in one year and three years, with a total value of 840,000 yuan. Rubber is used.Lining plate saves 215,000 yuan annually compared with manganese steel lining plate

Comparison of Rubber Lining and Manganese Steel Lining

NameTerm of UsecostAverage annual cost(pcsInstallation time (h/pcs)
Manganese steel liner
1 years28
Rubber liner
3 years236.532
Difference value2 years521.5

Power Consumption Comparison between Rubber Lining Plate and Manganese Steel Lining Plate of Ball Mill

NameRunning time (h)power consumption (k w h)Ore quantity (T)Electricity loss   (kwh/T)

steel ball 


Ball loss(Kg/T)
Manganese steel liner6480750022010368007.234
Rubber liner19440
Difference value-12960

It can be seen that the rubber liner is more economical than the manganese steel liner in power consumption and ball unit consumption. The use of rubber liner saves 740,000 yuan annually compared with manganese steel liner.

The ball mill in Ashele Copper Mine concentrator has achieved remarkable results by using rubber liner. It not only reduces power consumption, reduces costs, improves workers'labor intensity and working environment, but also improves the operation rate of equipment, reduces the number of stops and starts, and improves comprehensive technical indicators.It provides a basis for the possibility of using rubber liner in grinding of first and second stage

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