History of rubber lining of ball mill

Kosga industrial as a famous brand of wear-resistant rubber lining of ball mill in China, its exquisite technology and production process has been demonstrated in detail, and its powerful wear-resistant rubber lining technology has been fully implemented

  • 1806-2019

    Reduction of Noise and Economic Benefit of Ball Mill by Using Rubber Lining Plate

    In order to reduce the noise intensity of ball mill, protect the health of workers and the surrounding population, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost, Shandong Zhaojin Mine Concentrator has reformed the inner liner of two ball mill barrels successively.

  • 1806-2019

    Structural design of rubber lining board for ball mill

    After introducing the application of Kosga 3.6x4m rubber bushing for ball mill, many mining companies and letters inquired about the structural design of rubber bushing for ball mill. In exchange for experience, Kosga introduces the following.

  • 1706-2019

    Trial Application Effect of Rubber Lining at End of Ball Mill of China Aluminum Guangxi Branch

    The mill system of alumina plant of China Aluminum Guangxi Branch has been using steel liner since it was put into operation. The production practice for many years has proved that the steel liner has poor wear resistance, short life, high weight, high energy consumption, high noise, slow installation of liner and many dangerous factors, high cost and poor economic benefit.

  • 1706-2019

    Application of Rubber Lining Plate of Ball Mill in Ashele Copper Mine

    The mill of the concentrator of Xinjiang Ashele Copper Co., Ltd uses ordinary manganese steel lining board. By replacing the ordinary manganese steel liner with rubber liner, the defects of the production line are changed, the noise in the workshop is reduced, and the grinding efficiency is significantly improved

  • 1706-2019

    Lining glue for ball mill of Jiangxi Copper Industry Co., Ltd.

    Kosga helped Dashan Concentrator of Dexing Copper Mine of Jiangxi Copper Company successfully overcome the problem of replacing alloy steel liner with rubber liner in large ball mill. The project has been proved by practice that the grinding effect is good and the cost can be saved by 1.3 million yuan per year after it is put into use. It has high popularization value in the same type of beneficiation enterprises.

  • 1706-2019

    Energy Saving Benefit of Rubber Lining Ball Mill

    Since the 1960s in China, manganese steel (NGMn13) liner has been used for ball mill liner. Many years of practice has proved that manganese steel liner has many disadvantages, such as poor wear resistance, short life, heavy weight, high energy consumption, high noise, low installation and maintenance efficiency, unsafe, high cost and poor economic benefits.

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