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Flotation Machine Rubber Rotor Stator Are Mainly Formed By Integral Vulcanization Of Steel Framework And Wear-Resistant Rubber, Which Avoids The Falling Off Of Rubber Layer Caused By Splicing Or Sticking. The Steel Skeleton Needs To Be Manufactured In Strict Accordance With The Type Of The Flotation Machine That Has Positioning Holes, So That The Stator And Rotor Can Be Safely Installed. The Steel Skeleton Is Cut Linearly To Ensure That The Skeleton Size Strictly Conforms To The Drawings.

Argon Arc Welding And Cleaning Of Welding Slag Will Be In Place Step By Step. Finally, The Steel Skeleton Was Sandblasted And Acid Washed To Remove Grease. Ensure That The Vulcanized Rubber Is Integrated As a Whole. When The Whole Vulcanization Process, The Vulcanization Time As High As 3 Hours. The Rubber Stator And Rotor Of Flotation Machine Produced By KOSGA Are Jointly Worked By All Colleagues In Every Process. Ensure That Every Product Can Be Safely Delivered To Customers.

KOSGA Independently Develops And Designs, Uses Excellent Wear-Resistant Rubber To Produce The Rubber Stator And Rubber Rotor Of Flotation Machine. The Size Of Flotation Stator And Flotation Rotor Ranges From 50m3 To 320m3.

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