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Ball mill rubber liners are applied to protect the mill shell from the impact and friction between grinding bodies and materials. Different forms of rubber liners can be used to adjust the movement state of grinding bodies, so as to improve the grinding effect, efficiency and output at lower consumption of metal balls. In addition, mill shell rubber liners also affect the motion law of grinding bodies. Rubber liners suitable for various shapes and materials are applied to different working conditions (crushing or fine grinding). Rubber liners need to have a strong push on grinding bodies when grinding is the main. Otherwise, rubber mill liners should have good impact resistance when fine grinding is dominant. The smaller rubber mill liners have weaker pushing effect and smaller impact on the grinding bodies. The strong grinding effect also requires considerable wear resistance of ball mill rubber liners.

Kosga Ball Mill Liners provide long, low maintenance,service life. In addition to protecting and sealing the ball mill’s steel shell, the liner imparts motion into the ball charge. Careful, intelligent, liner design can help to improve the operation and performance of grinding mills. Kosga’s Ball Mill Rubber Liners are designed and arranged so that the lifter bars can be easily replaced without affecting the shell plates, which can typically outlast lifter bars by two to one. Our lifter bars are engineered to be compatible with most shell and end liner plate designs. In addition, our parts utilize the current bolting holes. This eliminates the need to drill new attachment holes. All components are molded to meet specific mill and operating conditions.


Main Advantages
Custom design
Module light weight、Removal safe 、convenient
No leakage or sclerosis
Rubber components have energy absorbing and reducing noise Function
Can perform simulation analysis of grinding and rubber liner performance, Assess usability and configuration
Rich experience in liner design, Improve grinding performance and mill operating rate

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